Advocacy Action & Activism




“Democracy in Housing”

We are the Dearborn Realtist Board (DRB), The Chicago Realtists. The Dearborn Realtist Board is the oldest African American Real Estate Trade Association. Established in 1941, the area where African Americans resided was a community in Chicago called Dearborn which stemmed from 22nd St on the north, south to 63rd St, east to the Lake and west to Wentworth St. This area is where our founding Presidents established their office and the name Dearborn Realtist Board was formed.

“Building Black Wealth through Homeownership”

The Dearborn Realtist Board's mantra is "Democracy in Housing". We are at the forefront of economic development in housing in the African American community. The National Association of Real Estate Brokers has a national initiative to put 2 MILLION NEW HOMEOWNERS IN HOMES OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS. This initiative was started in 2016. The Dearborn Realtist Board supports the 2MN5 initiative by providing economic opportunities to our members who in turn provide home buyer seminars and workshops, housing counseling, legislative advocacy and community outrea

“The Voice for the African American Community”

As advocates in the community, our members receive exclusive access to training, professional development and a nationwide referral network to help build and grow their impact on the 2MN5 initiative.